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About Us

About OK Accra

OK Accra is Estonian Media Company based in Accra and selling mostly on African Market. We have been in business now for more than 5 years and our happy customers can be found in Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Although our main services are Web Design and TV advertisement, you can contact us also whenever you need Flash Presentations, Logo Animations or Corporate Gifts!

When it comes to web design OK Accra loves clean and responssive layouts that please the eye waether opened in PC or mobile device!

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Responssive Web Design

Generate more enquiries in your business with a website that shows your business in the best possible light, and one that converts visitors into leads, calls and sales.

TV Advetisement and Script Writing

With European producer and web designer on board we will make sure that the outcome will meet international quality standards.

Animations and Flash presentations

From logo animations to animated coprorate profiles and LED billboard presentations

Web design Portfolio

Portfolio 1

Technology Group at Mauritius and South Africa

Portfolio 1

Construction Company in Ghana

Portfolio 1

Tower Maintenance Company

Portfolio 1

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Portfolio 1

Hotel in Accra

Portfolio 1

Software development

Portfolio 1

Platform to connect Ghanaians abroad with employers in Ghana

Portfolio 1

Musical Group in Nigeria